Flight Compensation Law

We fight for the rights of passengers whose flights are overcome by structural disadvantages.

Our Know-how accumulated over the years and establishing legal precedents in this small, less known and less advertised area, places us in the forefront of the recovery of the compensation that airlines are obliged to pay passengers for situations like: flight cancellation, flight delay exceeding 3 hours, over reservation of places that could not be avoided by the air carrier.

Most passengers feel they lack the knowledge and experience necessary to properly implement their application, especially when it comes to the circumstances of cancellation or delay. As a result, they are unable to investigate cases in which defense formulates airlines 'extraordinary circumstances' and 'reasonable measures'. In addition, most often, ambiguity and procedures regarding the recovery of receivables from right to compensation discourages consumers from asserting their rights. However, surveys indicate that passengers should be more willing to defend their rights in court if they had legal support and, in addition, if they could join with other passengers.

Technical information which we hold about fleet management, national and European law, permit us to enforce your rights on equal terms with airlines. The success rate of passengers who seek our support is extremely high. This type of quasi-collective action makes the claim to be more effective and more likely to succeed. With us, these obstacles are removed and airlines, most often, will reconsider their position and can pay, refusing to initiate a contentious procedure.