Company Formation and Information Supply

We encourage economic activity in Romania and the formation of companies, with shareholders both Romanian and foreign.

In support of our clients, we can offer registered head offices in premium locations. The foundation of the company goes through several mandatory procedures and determines concrete characteristics of the business. Our support at every stage of the legal incorporation of the company provides a pursued objective and fiscal security. Experience allows us to identify and develop combined strategies which are always channeled towards achieving our client's interest.

We are prepared to provide customized solutions designed to anticipate and deflect from a potential unfavorable course of establishment procedures. In order to protect our clients' business, we offer full range of services for companies starting from their founding until the dissolution and removal of the company.

Complete, accurate and up to date information is what makes a difference in selecting the right business partners. Given the financial data of a potential business partner can help you determine if contracting business with the company will expose you to a risk of missed payments.

In this context, and separately, we can verify that the information that you were given is correct, if the company actually exists, where it is established, whether a profit or loss is in the course of this business, and if they are in litigation.