Media and Sports Law

Because our clients operate in full spectrum operations like media advertising and production of content (including publications, TV and filmed entertainment, games, music and other audio-visual products), distribution networks (including television and radio broadcasts, online, fixed and wireless communications) and technology our knowledge of media law is ample.

We offer relevant, punctual mass media advice, passed quickly to ensure that we add value from day one. Thus, regardless of location, size or complexity of the problem, you can be sure that you get a legal solution. Our services are complex. Along with corporate practice, our media clients, artists, senior benefit from counseling in areas such as intellectual property, antitrust, commercial contracts, employment and benefits, litigation and resolution of disputes, banking, capital markets and real estate.

We are an integrated solution for media companies. In sports, counselling and representing players, agents, corporate investors, clubs, associations and other sports institutions. Representation in litigation includes comprehensive legal services for clients involved in various aspects among others the execution of contracts, exclusivity clauses, sponsorships, doping and duties.

Being involved in sports law for many years, we assure you that we understand the passion of the sports industry that fits with our legal expertise.