Inheritance and Partition

Any succession of assets is subject to complex legal regulations, in case of inheritance or during life. Passing assets to the next generation without conflicts between parties and at low transition and tax costs depends on professional training. The same is true for the successful opening and execution of the inheritance between heirs based on legal quotas.

In these cases, unspecialized people’s rights are quickly violated and quotas to which they are entitled are not granted. On opposition, based on our long and extensive experience, we can prepare a successful legacy, and performance of any claims of inheritance.

As lawyers it is our duty to prepare the succession according to your will, including the will. This will avoid a conflict between relatives and also the high and unnecessary tax burdens on the one hand, and claim and enforce claims against you as heir or beneficiary of a compulsory part, on the other hand. This includes filing the application on your behalf.

With your permission, it is possible to designate us as the executor of your will. We are particularly receptive to the discrepancy and tension and we will keep an eye on your family’s situation, at all times.