Designing and drafting complaints raised against Romania at the European Court of Human Rights has an important place in our work, as well as assistance and representation before the Court in Strasbourg of persons who have been victims of violations of the European Convention of Human Rights.

As a law firm, working in the interpretation and application of complex laws every day, we know the importance of execution of laws. We are keen to use work experience to give resonance human rights, to ensure that they are not "just words". With extensive experience in initiating proceedings before the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), we are able to offer advice and representation in all stages of the process.

The cases which we overtake are generally in our areas of practice. We intervene in disputes on human rights related to Internet, protection of property, private and family extradite suspects, expelling migrants, freedom of expression, police violence, torture and mistreatment, discrimination, racism, medical errors, asylum, criminal cases, civil law, etc. Therefore, we will intervene in all areas of law, as long as human rights interests are at stake.