Administrative and Tax Law

These two areas inevitably involve relations between both legal entities and individuals, with state institutions. The importance of these areas and our constant involvement in complex business cases over the years has increased our specialization.

Although we believe that everyone wants a reciprocal, righteous relationship with state bodies - both administrative and fiscal management - inherent problems occur that affect clients' interests. Among the services that we offer in these areas are:
  • Assistance and advice to companies and individuals, Romanian and foreign, in terms of taxes
  • Assistance and representation for Romanian legal entities and foreign administrative or judicial procedures to challenge acts of control
  • Advice, assistance or representation in connection with proceedings for review of the documents issued by the authorities of central and local government, or institutions with administrative attributions (appeals, litigation in administrative courts of any degree, mediation)
  • Assistance in obtaining approvals, authorizations in areas relating to company operations
  • Recovery of taxes paid illegally (first registration tax - "pollution tax") or challenge to obtain exemption from payment.